What does it cost?

Each time the organization makes a contribution to an employee’s beny account we take a small percentage of the contribution.  There are no monthly minimums and no setup fees.

What’s the implementation process like?

There are three easy steps to getting started with Beny:

  1. Create an account (contact us to get started)
  2. Create your plan(s)
  3. Add employees

It’s easy to set up, maintain and use.

What are benys worth?

One beny is worth one dollar.

How do I use my benys?

  1. Find an experience or service provider in the benefit market on the beny app (Android/iOS).
  2. Purchase the service or experience using your own cash or card directly with the provider and take a picture/screenshot or hold on to the receipt.
  3. In the beny app, tap the reimbursement button, upload or take a picture of the receipt, enter the amount, and tap submit. You’ll receive a cash reimbursement into your bank account within 1 to 2 business days (excluding federal banking holidays).

Where can I use my benys?

Beny has a benefit market where you can find over 1 million memorable experiences and life-changing services worldwide.

Do I need to give Beny my personal bank account information?

Yes, employees are reimbursed cash directly into their bank accounts. We use Stripe to collect and store all banking information. Stripe uses the highest level of security to safeguard your information. Beny will only deposit cash into your bank account; never pull it.

How does the employer make contributions to employees’ beny accounts?

The organization will choose a monthly contribution amount when they set up their plan(s) in Beny. Beny will automatically draft that contribution amount from the organization’s bank account each month and then divide the contribution between their employees’ beny accounts.

How much should an employer contribute to an employee’s beny account each month?

Employers can choose to contribute any amount to their employees’ beny accounts. We recommend that employers contribute a minimum of $25 per month to an employee’s beny account; the higher the contribution, the greater the benefit for the employee.

Can Beny be used for bonuses, rewards, and recognition?

Yes!  Beny allows organizations to make one-time contributions into employees’ beny accounts. Our clients give benys to their employees for work anniversary gifts, awards, recognition, incentives, and bonuses.

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