Nothing screams boring more than “401k,” “flexible spending,” or “dental insurance.” Might as well offer your employees an encyclopedia set as well. Yawn.

Obviously, these are core to your company’s benefits package and they should be (sans the encyclopedia sets). While no one wants to pay for their own root canal, and I’m sure they will appreciate the retirement savings in 20 years, non-traditional benefits can really get your employees excited about coming to work.

These top 5 easy non-traditional benefits can be a huge step to attracting and retaining top talent without spending through the roof on outrageous salaries.

non-traditional benefits

Company Massages:

Work stress manifests itself in your body, but hardly anyone will take the time out of their day to get a massage. Who has time for the spa when there’s work to do?! However, hunching over in an office or over a computer 50 hours a week isn’t good for your body (or your mind). Companies are offering comped massages as part of their benefits packages and most of them actually have massage therapists that come TO THE OFFICE. No need to make your own appointment, schedule time off, drive 20 minutes, pay (don’t forget the tip). Instead, walk down the hall – escape for an hour, and enjoy. Come back to work feeling like a million bucks. Who could say no to that?

Catered Lunches: 

You know the way to employee happiness? Feed them. It’s something everyone needs and most people don’t want to take the time (or spend the money) to eat a decent lunch. Little perks like a free lunch make a big difference in showing your employees how you feel about them. In turn, it changes how they feel about their company. Free lunch not only boosts morale, but can also keep employees focused at work, promotes healthy eating habits, and allows you a great opportunity to bring in new recruits to meet with other key members of the team over lunch.

catered lunches

Team Builder Budgets: 

Having some type of budget for team building activities makes it easier to show your employees that they matter and build collaboration and communication within the office. Coming up with several thousand dollars to take the company on an unplanned outing can be tricky. By planning ahead and budgeting team building activities into the fiscal year takes care of that for you. Your employees will appreciate the outpouring of support showed by the company and your bottom line won’t suffer because it’s already been budgeted for in advance.

Balanced PTO: 

More and more employers are moving to a more fluid PTO system where employees have either a pool of days that they can use at their discretion. This allows your employees to balance their home/work life so they can remain flexible and still get their work done. Some companies have even shifted to a completely PTO-free plan where there is no restriction on days off, as long as the work gets done and goals are met. Either way, a balanced PTO plan frees up time for managers because they don’t have to track PTO hours. This low-cost benefit gives your employees ultimate flexibility, which (according to recent surveys) is more important than even a higher salary.

motivational speaker

Guest Visitors: 

Another non-traditional benefit is a motivational speaker. Think about your employees, your industry, and what may be a beneficial speaker or educator to your team. Could you invite this person to speak to your team? Sure, another motivational speech from the CEO could be nice, but what about a local celebrity or a TV personality instead?