Helping Organizations
Build a Caring Culture

Beny is an employer-funded benefit that lets employees spend a monthly allowance on memorable experiences and convenient services they love. Beny increases employee happiness & loyalty by showing you care about their life beyond work.

You care about your people. Beny helps you show it.

You appreciate that your employees spend most of their waking hours helping you grow your company. You believe in working hard and playing hard. Your culture promotes work-life balance and a work-to-live culture. Beny is a lifestyle benefit perk that shows your employees you care about them and their life beyond work.

Let your people choose what benefits them most.

The outdated top-down approach of offering lifestyle benefits such as in-office massages, hair cuts, and catered lunches are great gestures; but only a few employees actually use these types of perks while the rest don’t benefit. Beny lets employees choose from millions of experiences and services worldwide in over 120 different categories they value most. EVERY employee benefits with Beny; no one is left out. #LetThemChoose

#Let Them Choose

Eliminate FOMO for remote workers.

The old way – office employees get all the lifestyle benefit perks like catered lunch and car detailing, while remote workers get a large dose of FOMO.

The new way – Beny goes beyond the office and works everywhere! Remote workers enjoy the same benefits/perks as their office co-workers; building a caring culture for everyone.  No mo FOMO!

How it works

Beny is an employer-funded lifestyle benefit allowance. It’s simple to set up,  a breeze to maintain, and easy to use.

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Why do millennials value experiences over things? Because it makes them happy. And they aren’t wrong—studies have found that spending money on experiences brings more lasting joy than spending money on things. Experiences are also more shareable, which is important to younger generations. It’s easier and more effective to share pictures and stories from a hike or cooking class than it is to show pictures of a new TV you just
Beny Benefit Montage

Download the app

Available for both Android and IOS

Connect your bank account
and set monthly

After connecting your company bank account to Beny, you can set up monthly contributions. Employees also connect their bank account to receive rapid reimbursements for the experiences and services they buy.

Spend money on
experiences and services
found in the benefit market

Employees use their own payment method to buy things like food, travel, and other experiences and services.

89% of millenials surveyed said they would take better benefits over a pay

Receive automated
reimbursements within
1 to 2 days

Once a proof of purchase is uploaded to Beny, employees will receive a cash reimbursement from their beny account to their bank account. Simple.

Use Beny for recognition, incentives, and rewards

Nothing says “thank you” more than giving the gift of unforgettable experiences or a life-changing service with Beny. You can reward, recognize, bonus, and gift benys to your people for a job well done.  The best part is that employees choose how to spend their benys on the things that matter most to them. Beats giving gift cards.

beny bonus reward perk regonition
92% of employees surveyed said Beny is their favorite employee benefit.

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