A Better Way To
Build a Caring Culture

Beny lets employees spend a monthly allowance on memorable experiences and convenient services they love. Beny increases employee happiness and loyalty by showing employees you care about their life beyond work.

Here’s how it works

Beny is easy to implement and even easier to use. Manage all of your lifestyle benefits for your employees letting your people choose how to spend their monthly contribution.

Download the app and
invite your teammates

Available for both Android and IOS, download the Beny mobile app and set up your free account. Then invite your teammates to also join Beny.

Connect your bank account
and set monthly
contributions for your

Once connecting your company bank account to Beny, you can set up contributions for individuals or teams for everyone to receive each month. Employees also connect their bank account to receive automated reimbursements for each thing they buy.

Spend money on
experiences and services
found in the beny app

Employees can then use their own payment method to buy things like food, travel, and many other experiences and services. Once a proof of purchase is uploaded to Beny, you will receive an automated reimbursement for your benefit.

Receive automated
reimbursements within
24-48 hours

Because you have processed a reimbursement from pre-approved benefits, getting your money back is easy. Beny will send you that money immediately to your connected bank account. In most cases, funds arrive within 24-48 hours.

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